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Invitation to Congress

We invite all scientists, researchers, experts, students of Master's and PhD degrees engaged in research in various fields of social and human sciences to join us in Nevsehir(Cappadocia) between 30 January-02 February 2018 at the "2nd International Congress of Social Sciences" (USBIK 2019) to be hosted by Nevsehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University.

To be held at: 
Nevsehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University

Goals of the Congress:

1.  Bringing together all researchers realized by local and international scholars, researchers and practitioners and dealing with innovations, developments, and problems in the sphere of social sciences;

2. Paving the way for scientific discussions and knowledge and experience;

3. Dealing with interdisciplinary studies.

Official languages of the Congress will be Turkish, English and  Japanese , which can be chosen for presentation at the Congress

The last date for sending abstracts is December  25, 2018. Abstracts sent after the date will not be accepted. Abstracts will be viewed by the Science Board and authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by e-mail within a week. Abstracts will be published in the ISBN recognized Abstract Book of the Congress. Besides, full papers written in accordance with the writing rules and sent to the Congress Secretariat before March 4, 2018, will be published in the ISBN recognized Book of the Congress. 

Topics of the Congress are: 
Anthropology, Archeology, Western Literatures and Languages, Information and Document Management, Geography, Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Linguistics, Eastern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Folklore, Psychology, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Folklore, Politology and Public Administration, International Relations, Islamic History and Arts, History of Religions, Philosophy of Religions, Arabic Language and Eloquence, Sufism, Religious Culture and Ethics, History of Islamic Sects, Educational Sciences, Education of Turkish Language, Education of Social Sciences, Foreign Languages 

For any kind of information, please, do not hesitate to write to Elshan Gurbanov (egurbanli@erciyes.edu.tr)  


Board of Directors