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Writing Rules

  • Abstracts should be written using the font “Times New Roman” without indentation.
  • Page structure should be A4, right side margin - 2.5 cm, left side - 3, top side 2.5 cm and bottom - 2.5 cm.
  • The entire abstract, excluding the title, name and surname of the author, should not exceed 350 words, having more than 250 words. 
  • Title of the article abstract should be written using capital 14 font, in the center and with capital letters.
  • Name and surname of the author (or authors) should be written 1 space under the title, using capital 12 font, from the right side and marking a star for a footnote. The footnote (10 font) should indicate institution information and e-mail.
  • The abstract text should be written using 12 font, 1.15 space between lines. The spacing dimension should be "before-after 6nk", leaning on two sides.  
  • The abstract paper should include at least 3 and at most 5 keywords.
  • Keywords should be written using bold 12 font and with small letters.
  • Abstracts should be sent to the form shown in the link within the mentioned time. 
  • Please, do not hesitate to contact us (usbikonline@gmail.com) for any question or problem you face in regard to sending your abstracts.

Click here to download Abstract Sample